Attack on Titan: Junior High- Trailer Review

Well, who’s ready for Eren’s Declassified Titan Survival Guide? The first trailer for the unexpected anime adaptation of the comedic Attack on Titan spinoff manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High, has just been officially released by Production I.G. Long story short, it looks ridiculous.

I can tell hardcore fans, as well as haters of the franchise, are definitely going to be ranting about this. However, I can also tell this show is not meant to be taken seriously, simply by the hilarious animation and soundtrack juxtaposition. The trailer gives off a zany, chaotic school vibe similar to shows like Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. I’m just hoping that Production I.G. is able to handle over the top comedy as well as they are action drama.

I also found it hilarious to see some of our favorite characters in these middle school roles. Its looking to me like Hanji and Levi are going to be teachers, and Erwin is going to be the principle; but again, nothing is confirmed.

Nothing more can be judged until the series is upon us sometime in October. If this is something to tide us over until the long awaited second season of Attack on Titan, thats fine by me. I just hope its somewhat decent entertainment, and not rushed out, poorly written garbage.