WhatsApp Introduces Desktop Version of the Popular Messaging Platform

Note: This article was initially published on the digital marketing site DigitalCoCo on 7/27/16.

Link: http://digitalcoco.com/blog/2016/7/20/whatsapp-introduces-desktop-version-of-the-popular-messaging-platform

download (4).jpegWhatsApp is, without a doubt, the most popular messaging app (see report). Over one billion people of the Earth’s seven billion population actively use the platform. With something this successful, it makes no sense to change the formula, right? After all, the saying is don’t fix what isn’t broken. WhatsApp isn’t taking that adage for an answer.

According to a report by Forbes, WhatsApp launched its desktop app for both Mac and Windows computers. From now on, WhatsApp users will be able to browse the internet without having to stop their conversation.

Forbes cited a blog post from the official WhatsApp site, quoting, “Because the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more.”

Although undoubtedly excited about these features, WhatsApp users may worry that they will have to manage two separate accounts (one for mobile and another for desktop). This is not the case.

“The apps sync with a WhatsApp user’s account on their mobile device, once they’ve downloaded them and scanned a QR code from inside Settings > WhatsApp Web on the mobile app,” the report explained.

Although this may seem like a fresh new direction for the platform, this isn’t WhatsApp’s first endeavour into the computer world. WhatsApp launched a web browser app in 2015. However, the new desktop app will alleviate the issue of having to sift through tabs to find your chats.

The report notes the risk that the desktop app’s launch posed. Competition has become more tense amongst desktop messaging services. Messengers such as Slack and AIM will need to step up their game in order to compete with the chatting giant.

This new app may even appeal to businesses. As WhatsApp provides free international communication, it could serve as an invaluable tool for international corporations. They now have a quick and easy alternative method to speak with their overseas partners.

Evidently, WhatsApp’s move to desktop is a big step forward for the messaging industry. Not only will it possibly lead millions of users to another form of WhatsApp, but it will strengthen its position in competition. WhatsApp’s desktop app is a great new tool for both the average computer user, and large businesses. Read more


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