Restaurants are Teaming Up With PR Firms for their Social Media Campaigns

Note: This article was initially published on the restaurant trade site Restaurant Social Media Index on 7/27/16.


A restaurdownload (1).jpegant teaming up with a PR firm typically has a negative connotation. Consumers are accustomed to associate that pairing with a health issue or lawsuit. Wipe that connection out of your brain, because there’s a new reason why restaurants and PR firms are coming together.

Restaurants are partnering with PR firms to strengthen their social media campaigns. Areport by Cron explains why this may be.

Cron explains that PR firms use social media for their clients in many ways. They often make accounts, keep track of analytics and narrow down which platforms to use for their clients. They also help train their clients on how to effectively use social media for themselves. Occasionally, PR firms are even responsible for creating social media content for their clients.

A recent example of a restaurant chain taking advantage of what PR firms have to offer when it comes to social media is Panda Express. The popular Chinese food chain Panda Express recently announced its partnership with PR firm Havas Formula for its social media campaign.

A report by QSR Magazine quoted Panda Express’ Vice President of Guest Marketing Dave Wallinga to better explain why.

“Havas Formula was selected due to its proven track record in developing integrated marketing campaigns and implementing best-in-class public relations and social media programs,” he said.

He explained that the pitches Havas Formula gave him perfectly matched with the goals of his chain, rendering them a perfect fit.

Although Panda Express is not the first, nor will it be the last, to partner with a PR firm for social media, it might be one of the biggest. As one of the largest fast casual chains in the nation, it becomes a trend setter when it makes any major decision, let alone partnering with a PR firm.

A list by The Muse explained what you should make sure you know before hiring a PR firm. Although this list isn’t targeted specifically towards restaurants and social media campaigns, it applies to them as equally as it does any other type of company and campaign.

The Muse urges you to pick a firm that will not only help you reach a large audience, but one that will also specifically match up with the ideals and values of your target demographic. Therefore, you will attract new customers, as well as keep returning ones, with your social media.

You must also make sure to know the exact members of the firm you are working with, or the core team behind your project. Therefore, you can have easier communication with the firm, which in turn will lead to stronger social media content. Read more

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