Chipotle is Tackling the Better-Burger Movement

Note: This article was initially published on the fast casual restaurant trade site The Chipotle Effect on 8/10/16.


download (3).jpegChipotle, the chain that many consider to be the pioneer of the fast casual industry, is taking its next big step. The company has tackled other cuisine types before, exemplified by their ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen franchise. However, Chipotle is now hopping on a growing fast casual trend.

According to a report by Nation’s Restaurant News, Chipotle proved the circulating rumors true by announcing its newest franchise, Tasty Made. Debuting in Lancaster, Ohio, this fall, the chain will serve burgers, fries, and shakes.

In order to find success in the ever-growing better-burger movement, the report explains that Tasty Made will be using the same sustainable ingredient policies that define its parent franchise.

“As at Chipotle’s other concepts, Tasty Made burgers will use Responsibly Raised beef from animals raised humanely without the use of antibiotics or added hormones,” the report stated.

This approach will also apply to their shakes, which will be made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

NRN cites this business move as the next step in the recovery process from the foodborne illness outbreak Chipotle experienced last fall (for more information on this process: read more).

Chipotle simultaneously announced Nate Appleman and David Chrisman as the head developers of Tasty Made.

According to an article by San Diego Eater, Appleman joined Chipotle in 2010, and was one of the main forces behind the creation of ShopHouse. The NRN report said Chrisman has worked for Chipotle for over 17 years, recently taking the mantle of national training director for the franchise.

NRN noted a striking resemblance between Tasty Made and popular west-coast chain In-N-Out Burger. Both have similar ingredient policies and menus. However, In-N-Out has no plans to upgrade to a national scale, so competition won’t be too intense between the two.


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