World Communication Systems Blogs- Week 11

Latin America is a very unstable region with regards to its media system. Firstly, there is inconsistency on a country to country basis, simply based on the different cultures and influences that affect them. However, there is also media instability caused by frequent regime change and historical colonization.

Latin America is a region that many European powers colonized during the Columbian exchange era. These countries have had a massive impact on the region, completely altering their societies as they knew it. Mainly colonized by the British, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and French; the indigenous people of the region had their cultures minimized in favor for a dominant, European way of life. The media influences of these European powers can still be seen in Latin American media today.

There is also the issue of political instability in the region. Many countries in Latin America have frequent regime changes. With this governmental chaos of sorts comes a fluctuation in media freedom. Some regimes will allow large amounts of freedom, while others will use extreme propaganda and censorship to prevent the media from operating freely. As discussed, this varies on a country to country and regime to regime basis.

Evidently, Latin America’s media systems are very hard to define due to historical influence, a variety of cultures, and frequent regime changes. However, for the most part, the region has relatively low media freedom today. Therefore, while some beacons of free media do exist in the region, they are rare.



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