World Communication Systems Blogs- Week 6

South Asia is a somewhat unique region in both its history and its modern day condition. The region has a history of frequent external influences, mainly British colonization. Therefore, modern South Asia is a unique blend of various cultures and religions.

The earliest civilizations of South Asia set the foundations for the religion of Hinduism, which continues to be a prominent religion in the region today. Hinduism was the main religion of South Asia until the state conversion to Buddhism mandated the Mauryan emperor Ashoka. Islam was later brought to the region by muslim merchants and traders. Eventually, Islam became the dominant religion of South Asia under the rule of the Mughal empire, which lasted from the 1500s through the mid 1800s.

However, the region’s rich history changed forever with the occupation of South Asia by the British Empire. This time period was known as the British Raj, and lasted until about halfway through the 20th century. During this time, the majority of the region we know as South Asia today was broken off into a territory known as British India.

Once the British lost their power after World War 2, South Asia turned into multiple nations. These include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Pakistan was created as a new nation for the Muslims currently living in India. However, the transport and home finding for said Muslims failed, leading to massive amounts of death and homelessness. Based on these events, the relationship between India and Pakistan is still very tense today, especially regarding the dispute over the territory of Kashmir.

One of the most famous modern South Asian media circuits is Bollywood. It is a subsection of the Indian film industry that emerged in the 1990s, and continues to remain popular across South Asia today. Its films have had a major impact not only on the region of South Asia, but in the west as well.

Overall, the variety of religions and cultures in South Asia make way for a very diverse region. This leads to some conflict in the region, and a somewhat prevalent terrorist presence in the northwest. However, although restricted, that doesn’t fully prevent media from emerging and popularizing.


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