Doctor Who: S9 Prologue- Review

Another season of Doctor Who is finally upon us. This time, we were treated to a short prologue episode to tide us over in the week before the season premiere. Prequels and prologues before big show events, or even standard season premieres, has become a staple of the Moffat era of Doctor Who. However, they rarely disappoint, this one being no exception.

In this prologue, the Doctor is visiting the Sisterhood of Karn, whom you may remember from the prologue to The Day of the Doctor back in 2013. He is avoiding meeting someone who he clearly knows from his past. While all hints point to the Master, this may not be the case, due to a contradiction placed later in the scene. He gives the device that we saw in the trailer (his last will and testament) to the leader of the sisterhood, whom he trusts to give it to the right person. In the trailer for the series 9 premiere, Missy/The Master had the device. Therefore, unless she intercepted the delivery of the device, it was meant for her. This means that the person the Doctor is going to meet is most likely not the Master.

The prologue was an interesting precursor to the upcoming season. It provided some context, but left more than enough room for mystery and intrigue. It has only heightened my appetite for new Doctor Who content, something we haven’t received in roughly nine months. Although there wasn’t enough material from this prologue for a full length review, I cant wait to share with you all my opinions on the season premiere within the next week.

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