World Communication Systems Blogs- Week 2

Globalization has exponentially restructured the international system that we inhabit. Ever since the Columbian Exchange began in the late 1400s, the world has been undergoing massive levels of change. Although the Columbian Exchange was not the first act of globalization, it was one of the most important. Countries have become much more interconnected then they ever were in the past. This has both benefited and harmed the world in prominent ways.

Globalization is not an entirely bad principle, as some may think. It leads to economic growth, job creation, and the spread of culture throughout the world. However, when countries abuse the globalization system for their personal gain, negatives of said system become extremely evident.

Globalization, or the abuse of it, has created major economic inequality. Large globalized corporations residing in core countries manipulate the periphery and semi-periphery for their own personal gain. This leads to resources being drained from the countries that need them the most, and sold for a massive profit by the major economic powers of the world. Globalization has also led to human rights issues. Horrid living conditions, extremely low wages, and even sometimes slave labor are just a few of the many problems that plague the workers that the core outsources from throughout the periphery.

In my opinion, our world can work as a globalized international system. However, when selfish people in the core decide to abuse the system, those in the periphery, and even semi-periphery, begin to suffer immensely. They encounter flagrant violations of their human rights on a daily basis. That is the reason why globalization has a more negative than positive connotation for me.



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